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Branding Has Changed

  • Over 250,000 new products are now launched every year.
  • The consumer is bombarded by over 3,000 marketing messages a day.
  • And the cost of traditional advertising continues to rise while its efficiency declines.

So how can you make sure your brand stands out?

At The Marketing Garage we believe that, while there’s something to be said for the traditional method of building brands (focus groups etc.), too often these methods result in brand propositions that are either too vague to get their point across in today’s crowded marketplace or too mundane to ignite a spark and be remembered.

Brand Engineering™: Branding For The Online Era

We’ve combined the best practices of traditional brand development with innovative online techniques in a unique, proven process called Brand Engineering™.  It’s a 7-step system that combines time-tested methods like in-depth investigation with your target consumers and stakeholders with new techniques like keyword research and social media monitoring to understand what people really think and do. Once the overall brand position and key supporting messages have been developed, online marketing is used to test and refine the message.


You have a profitable, differentiating brand you can build your company around.


The messages you take to market are specific and compelling.


You know it works before you invest major marketing dollars.


Seamless brand consistency between online and traditional media.

Is Your Brand Out of Gas?IGNITE YOUR BRAND

Examples Of Branding Design

Examples of Branding Strategies & Messaging

Bridget - Branding Companies Toronto

Future Shop Branding Companies Toronto

3M Branding


FutureShop: You’ll like what the future has in store.

3M Innovation

Unilock Branding Rebuild

Branding Companies Toronto - MM Meatshops

Pace Credit Union Branding

M&M Meat Shop Hundreds of Meal Ideas. One aisle.

Pace Credit Union Well beyond a bank.

Zigee Branding Strategy

Zigee: Make your smartphone smarter.

After engaging The Marketing Garage in the process, we had a clear path to a new brand, and were surrounded by branding experts who walked us through each step. We could not be more thrilled with the end result. We constantly get amazing feedback on our new logo, and the new name is fresh and simple. From the creative, to the design, you won’t find a more passionate, talented group of people to handle your marketing needs.

Michael Braithwaite, Executive Director, 360°kids

Bob did a great job refreshing YPG’s brand and making it relevant in the online space. A very creative yet practical skill set.

Scott Wambolt, Senior Vice President, Yellow Pages Group

A rich mix of passion, expertise and marketing skills to identify and share the “right” brand story.

Ezana Raswork, Founder & Managing Director, Africa 118