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Tico case study

How to Grow a Travel Blog

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The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) wanted to raise awareness of the range of services they provide to the travelling public and encourage more travel professionals to become registered travel agents.

We developed a fresh blog strategy with a range of topics from travel tips and vacation destination ideas to vacation scams and new travel regulations that resonate with travelers and industry professionals.

Find out details on how we grew their blog by clicking below.

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7 Ways to Come up with Blog Post Ideas

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Writing a personal blog or business blog is a great way to increase your web traffic and show off your brand, however finding the right post ideas can get hard. We know it’s tedious work, so we’ve put together 7 ways to help you come up with the perfect blog post ideas.


Do your keyword research. Use sites like StoryBase that show you how popular certain keywords are. Particularly search for those ending with a question. This is what people are really looking for, and what you need for your blog post to get found.

Blog post ResearchKey Read More

How To NOT Launch Your Brand Like Samsung Galaxy 7

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Did an interview with Canadian Business magazine that hit the newstands last week (do they still have newstands?). They asked three smart people and me how to make sure your new brand offering doesn’t go up in flames like the Samsung Galaxy 7. Here’s the piece followed by an interesting observation on how Google launches brands that they didn’t include:

Canadian Business Samsung Galaxy 7 branding article

Here’s what they didn’t print:

I’m a big fan of Google’s forever beta approach as they say in the piece. I’ve been an early adopter of things like GMail, Google Docs and Google Photos and AdWords itself and seen how they invite you in early as a beta-tester and then make it better and better. But the ONE time when they ignored this and failed consequently was Google Glass.

The first problem is Read More

6 Reasons You Need A Blog For Your Business Website

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As Internet Marketing Consultants we know that oftentimes blogging for your business may seem tedious. If you are one of those people who are skeptical about blogging for their business, this article is for you. Here are 6 reasons why you need a blog for your business website:

1. Blogging Can Help Your Business Website Get Found On Google

Relevant and fresh blog content adds value to your business website. It results in your website pages being stored (Indexed) within the search engine servers and improves your website’s online authority score. Both of which in return increase the ability of your website to get found online by ranking higher in search engines like Google.

Blogging increases website traffic

2. Get Found Through Blogging For Specific Search Phrases

Short tail keywords (Shorter and generic searches) –> Best Shoes
Long tail keywords (Longer and specific searches) –> Best Leather Shoes Canada
70% of all web searches are long tail keywords.
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4 Tips to Build an Employer Brand for Your Business

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It’s easy to get carried away with exciting projects and neglect your own brand. Your brand is not only important for attracting new customers, it’s also important for your business culture. This internal branding is known as your employer brand.

Employer brand is how your company is perceived by your current and potential employees.  Having a clear employer brand can be a powerful recruiting tool, motivator, and creates a culture of success. Some best practices to have your employees “live your brand” include:

  • Promoting culture and rewards
  • Create consistent messaging of organizations values
  • Show what success in the company looks like
  • Adopt a community concept to your strategy
  • Promote awards and accreditations

We know how important it is to keep up a company’s brand, and at the Marketing Garage, we work hard as a team to tune up our employer brand. In this blog, you will learn how an employer brand is important, and 4 ways we developed and tuned our employer brand that you might find helpful.

1.      Connect Your Employer Brand with the External Brand

It’s important to align the external brand, which is your company’s promise to customers, with your employer brand in order to present your company consistently and effectively. As Forbes mentioned, “fewer than 50% of employees believe in their company’s brand idea, and even less are actually equipped to deliver on it.” If your employees are not engaged, then the strength of your external brand doesn’t matter. Read More

Looking For A Brand Mechanic

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Do you like to fix marketing that is broken? Put a shine on brands that have dulled?

If this sounds like you then we want you to join our crew!

Growing Unique Marketing Firm Looking For An Account Director / Brand Mechanic

The Marketing Garage is an award winning group of marketing consultants based in beautiful downtown Aurora, just north of Toronto. We are a small crew of hard workers who encourage thinking outside the box. At The Marketing Garage, we use a diagnostic approach to help a variety of companies fine tune their internet marketing.  We provide clients with the following services: branding, design, PPC marketing, video marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, conversion optimization, SEO and traditional advertising.

Our client base is strong and growing, but we are in need of a client service leader who thrives on project management and performance improvement. Read More

Entry Level Social Media Marketing Job

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*Update: Position filled*

Do you have a way with words? (Or are you like us and not have way?)

Do you have social followers, and a blog? Are you passionate about learning what works and what doesn’t?
If this sounds familiar then we want you to join our crew!

Internet Marketing Company Looking For Social Media Marketer; Content Manager & Writer!

The Marketing Garage is an award winning group of internet marketing consultants based in Aurora, just north of Toronto. We are a crew of hard workers who encourage thinking outside the box. At The Marketing Garage, we use a diagnostic approach to help a variety of companies fine tune their internet marketing.  We provide clients with services like: web design, PPC marketing, video marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, conversion optimization, advertising, SEO, branding, and design.

Our client base is strong and growing, but we are in need of a skilled writer and analytical thinker to be our Social Media Marketer; Content Manager & Writer. This job is an entry level position but we are looking for someone who: Read More

An Internet Marketer’s View On 3 Over-Hyped Website Trends.

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The website industry is ever-evolving. As trends come and go, web masters will jump onto new developments and stick to them for various reasons. Some are intrigued by the ingenuity, some the practicality, and some the performance. As a result many ideas that become staples in professional web design will turn away users who aren’t interested in the industry on a professional level.

Below are 3 popular trends you have probably seen that turn visitors off and can hinder the performance of your website.

1. Sliders Or Slideshows

The tried and true image slider is one of the most commonly used features on home pages across the web.

Why Web Designers Love Them:

The image slider allows a designer to display multiple products and/or messages in one location. If your business offers three main services a designer goes to the logical solution of making one slide for each service and rotating them indefinitely. This will ensure users get equal exposure to each service.

Why Your Users Hate Them:

Read More

10 (Slightly Late) Internet Marketing Trends For 2015

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Yeah I know what you’re thinking. It’s May. Aren’t you little late with your 2015 predictions? Well maybe but…

1) we like to be different and thought we’d avoid the flood of posts at the new year and…

2) we thought we’d be more accurate this way.

So again this year, back in January, we gathered four passionate internet marketing consultants at our favourite hangout across from the Marketing Garage so that we could present you our 10 top internet marketing trends for 2015.

Around the table were:

  • Bob Nunn, Internet Marketing Consultant and co-founder of The Marketing Garage
  • Matt Colangelo, Digital Marketing Consultant and owner of his local search firm
  • Mike Granger, Pay-per-click Marketing Consultant
  • Skylar Burns, Website Mechanic

Brand & Craft Will Gain Greater Value.
Bob Nunn, Internet Marketing Consultant

The early days of SEO are over and as every major internet marketer achieves roughly equal proficiency in getting their site found online, Google will put more emphasis on ranking the content that gets clicked on, read and shared. So having the same standard boring content as everyone else won’t work as well. In a world increasingly flooded by the same content all trying to be king, human beings will read and react to content that’s well crafted, well-written and well-designed by brands they trust. And so will Google. – Bob Nunn

Mike Granger Internet Marketing ConsultantMobile Will Get It’s Own Focus In AdWords

Smartphone’s and tablets are increasingly being used to browse websites and make purchases with many of our client’s seeing 30-40% of all their website traffic between the two. Several market research companies have estimated that revenue from mobile advertising has more than doubled in 2013 and then again in 2014, and will again increase significantly in 2015.

While Google is currently by far the market leader in desktop search (text) ads worldwide, they’re lacking a bit on the mobile front and dealing with significant competition from Yahoo and other mobile focused companies. To compete, Google will need to create a separate and unique strategy to thrive in the mobile ad market. (Funny enough, we just got an email yesterday from our Google rep to discuss brand new mobile features. Hmmm…) – Mike Granger (You can read one of Mike’s recent posts on pay-per-click advertising here.)

Matt Colangelo Local Search Marketing ConsultantThere Will Be More Value In Continuously Improving Your Site

In today’s fast moving digital-first world, companies can no longer build a website and then leave it in it’s original state for 5-10 years. Today, many companies are making a conscious effort to improve their website on a monthly basis. Investment into continuous website improvement can help companies stay ahead of the competition, take advantage of digital trends, and improve site performance. The practice of continuous site improvement can be as simple as adding a series of content rich service pages to help improve authority with Google, or as complex as a complete revamp of the home page to help improve conversions. For those companies that practice continuous website improvement, they can look back every 6-12 months and find measurable progress. For example, adding 3-5 content pages every month can have a website go from 10 pages deep to 50 pages deep in 12 months leading to an increase in organic rankings and traffic. Or, improvement of the home page design could see conversion rates jump from 2% to 3.5% leading to an increase in excess of 50% more customers. – Matt Colangelo

Site Design Will Become More About StorytellingSkylar Burns Pay-Per-Click Marketing Consultant

We’ve already seen a general move online towards more visual content not only with the social networks (Instagram, Pinterest and now Facebook) but also with site design with the increasingly popular full screen width design. More marketing companies will adopt this look in 2015 but we’ll also see the vertical flow of a page develop with more emphasis on visuals and shorter content bursts to tell a more compelling, higher-converting story of a product or brand. Here’s a great example from Note how the background images add to the story versus distracting you. – Skylar Burns

Bob Nunn, Internet Marketing Consultant SEO Tricks Are For Kids

“Hi! Want to be on the first page of Google? We guarantee it!” Amazingly I’m still getting these emails (and I’m an internet marketer myself!). The SEO market is reaching maturity and Google continues to raise the bar on getting found. The “quick-fix” SEO shops are reaching the bottom of the market and aren’t long for this world. True SEO professionals who know how to work with marketing strategists, researchers, writers and other professionals and can think long-term are the future. – Bob Nunn

Mike Granger Internet Marketing ConsultantE-Commerce Will Rocket In Canada

More and more Canadians are making purchases online. In 2010, 3.4% of all retail purchases were made online. In 2016, this number is projected to reach 5.3%. In comparison, the U.S. made 5.0% of all retail purchases online in 2010 and is projected to reach 7.1% in 2016.

Canadian consumer’s have historically been more hesitant in embracing e-commerce than their American counterparts but I predict that this gap will significantly narrow. As more money is invested in US retail e-commerce, their sites, prices, and sales will improve which will spill over to Canadians and shift their buying habits. – Mike Granger

Matt Colangelo Local Search Marketing ConsultantLegit Reviews Will Become More Important

We all know the expression “fake it, until you make it”. I would advise you not to do this with reviews. The review sites that matter have algorithms in place to pick up on “fake” or ‘fraudulent” reviews; and new laws are being introduced that can get companies in legal trouble should it be discovered their reviews were fabricated. Why put your business at risk with fake reviews when you have real happy customers that can leave real reviews? While it may make take a little bit more effort to chase customers around for real reviews, they are still possible to acquire. Set a goal with your business this year, make it a point to get 1 new Google + review and 1 new industry-specific authority site review each month for the next 12 months. Be persistent with your happy customers to leave reviews and you should have no problem acquiring 2-3 real reviews per month. – Matt Colangelo

Mike Granger Internet Marketing ConsultantThere Will Be Lots Of Work In Fixing SEO

As an internet marketing consultant, I frequently see clients who used to have good keyword rankings that have since fallen off. One of the main reason this happens Read More

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